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We were intrigued to ask Jeremy Lauilhé, awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2023 in the bartender category, to conjure a more intricate cocktail for the daring enthusiasts. A mixologist’s creation, both subtle and radiant, designed to accentuate the Mediterranean character of our Edizione Corsa.

The result is a potent, vinous, and aromatic cocktail, reminiscent of a Negroni. With a commitment to the origin of the ingredients he works with, our MOF paired Melifera Edizione Corsa with a white vermouth typical of the northern part of the island, along with a cédrat liqueur. Cédrat, a citrus fruit prevalent in Corsica, adds complexity to this perfectly balanced cocktail.

35 ml Melifera Edizione Corsa
30 ml cap mattei blanc
25 ml Cedrat liqueur from Distillerie Calizi

Garnish : Immortelle powder and maquis herbs

How to make

  1. In a mixing glass, place a few ice cubes and stir to chill the glass
  2. Empty any excess water and pour 35 ml of Melifera Edizione Corsa, 30 ml of vermouth, and 25 ml of cédrat liqueur
  3. Place a clear ice cube in a frosted glass, pour your cocktail, and stir

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