A scent of many stories

Summer dreams

Melifera is an olfactory walk through the dunes, a sensory journey towards simple, wholesome and authentic moments.

It is the desire to capture the sweet scents of a walk back from the beach, filled with laughter, oblivious joy, of moments shared with friends, and to distill them in a premium Gin.

Rediscover the immortelle scents, Melifera’s original inspiration, and remember its iconic yellow color, conveyor of forgotten memories.

A committed dream

A quest for meaning

Melifera’s story is also that of a desire to give meaning to what we do, to do good.

Values such as respect are at the core of this adventure.

Respect for our producers, by integrating them into our project and developing local partnerships.

Respect for our ecosystem, by meeting the criteria of the Ecocert label.

Respect for the flower, which we cultivate through organic farming practices.

And respect for the land, as we choose to take it a step further and nurture it through agroecology at the Jardin Melifera.

A Gin Inspired by Nature

Organic and commited

Inspired by the raw nature of our island, Melifera is a tribute to this environment.

Certified by Ecocert, Melifera derives its unique character from the flower we cultivate through organic farming and hand-harvest.

It is the only organic gin to utilize hand-harvested immortelle flowers grown from plants sown on the island of Oleron.

Honouring our territory inherently means respecting this flower and its distillation process.

The expertise of our Charentais master distiller, a pioneer in organic spirits, elevates the scents of our fresh flowers into a timeless spirit.

Similar to perfumers, we employ a fruit still to extract all the aromas, thereby sharing their delicate flavours.

Why Melifera is a committed brand

We partake in concrete actions

Melifera celebrates the timelessness of a magical place and the immortelle flower, preserving biodiversity.

By deciding years ago to plant our own immortelle plants in Oléron and harvest them by hand.

By funding genetic tests for the Black Bee Conservatory in Oléron, in order to protect these essential workers.

This is our way of combining eco-responsible consumption and doing well.