Dry Martini


The Dry Martini is an iconic cocktail popularized by James Bond. Remember, this is Agent 007’s favorite recipe.

To make a Dry Martini, add a little vermouth to the gin, which softens it and lets it fully express its aromas.The Dry Martini recipe has evolved over the years to the one we suggest here. The original recipe is balanced and very appealing.

Do not hesitate to change the proportions to your liking, to find the Dry Martini that suits you.

Dry Martini cocktail ingredients

  • 50 ml of Gin Melifera
  • 10 ml white vermouth


Garnish: Pickles of Salicornia or a green olive

How to make

  • Fill a mixing glass halfway with ice cubes
  • Add 50 ml of Melifera Gin, 10 ml of white vermouth then mix quickly with a spoon to refresh the cocktail while avoiding diluting it with ice cubes
  • Then transfer the mixture into a martini glass, filtering the ice cubes
  • Cool the glass beforehand with crushed ice
  • For decoration, add a pitted green olive to the bottom of the glass or on a wooden pick

Enjoy your Dry Martini!


The story of the Dry Martini

The 1st version of this cocktail dates from the beginning of the 20th century.

It was in 1904 that the English bartender Frank P. Newman came up with the recipe of the famous Dry Martini. This cocktail then became very popular during Prohibition in particular thanks to the growing reputation of gin during this period.

But it was in the 1960s that the Dry Martini gained new notoriety thanks to the famous James Bond who made this cocktail his favorite drink. The latter prefers it “shaken” rather than “stirred”.

Our advice for a perfect Dry Martini

Unlike James Bond, we advise you to prepare this cocktail with a mixing glass and not with a shaker in order to drink it as fresh and as dry as possible.

As said before, you can also adjust the proportions given in order to make a Dry Martini that perfectly meets your desires.

Finally, do not hesitate to add dune bitters (salt, Melifera, spices, lemon, seaweed, oyster shell) to your recipe to bring in that iodine touch specific to the flavors and universe of our Gin.

For this Melifera version, you can replace the olive with samphire pickles.

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