Gin Fizz


The Gin Fizz is a timeless and classic gin recipe. If this cocktail saw the light of day in the middle of the 18th century, its success is still relevant today.

Like all Fizzes, it is made from spirits, here gin, embellished with sugar, lemon and sparkling water to bring freshness, softness and sparkle. Its simple recipe makes this a very classic cocktail; perfect for getting acquainted with gin.

The Gin Fizz is prepared in a shaker. To accentuate the emulsion, it is advisable to add an egg white, but not essential for a successful cocktail.


  • 40 ml of Melifera
  • 20 ml of squeezed lemon juice
  • 20 ml of cane syrup
  • Sparkling water
  • Some ice cubes
  • Egg white (optional)

How to make

  • Fill half of your shaker with ice cubes
  • Pour 40 ml of Gin Melifera
  • Extend your cocktail with 20 ml of squeezed lemon juice, 20 ml of cane syrup and the egg white
  • Stir vigorously for ten seconds using a mixing spoon
  • Pour your preparation into a long drinking glass, retaining the ice cubes with a cocktail strainer
  • Top up with very cool sparkling water


Enjoy your Gin Fizz!


Our little anecdote in the Gin Fizz

This cocktail was created around the mid-18th century in England by Admiral Nerson. The goal was to find a drink to fight against scurvy, a disease present at the time especially among British sailors and triggered by a vitamin C deficiency.

Admiral Nerson thus had the idea of ​​mixing lemon, known for its high vitamin C content, with gin, known for its ability to retain vitamin C. Seduced by the effectiveness of this drink against the disease, British sailors kept consuming it but add sugar and sparkling water to make it fresher and lighter in the mouth, creating Gin Fizz.

Our advice for a perfect Gin Fizz

As with all of our lemon juice cocktails, we encourage you to make it yourself with organic lemons. For this recipe, opt for organic yellow lemons.

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