Gin to perfect


Gin to Perfect is our version of Gin Tonic, embellished by lemon and honey.

It is one of our favorite cocktails, very balanced, refreshing and simple.

To make your honey water, all you need to do is dilute ¾ of honey in ¼ of hot water. Once cooled, your honey water will bring a natural sweetness to your cocktail.

When choosing the tonic, be precise! All our tips for choosing the right tonic can be found on our blog.


  • 50ml Gin Melifera
  • 20ml lemon
  • 15ml honey water
  • 100ml tonic


Garnish: Dehydrated lemon slice

How to make

  • Directly in the glass, choose a highball glass and pour in the ingredients
  • Finish with the tonic and mix with the turn of a spoon.


Serve chilled

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