Gin & tonic


As simple as it is deliciously refreshing, Gin & Tonic is the go-to cocktail for Gin lovers, who want to enjoy it without putting in much effort to prepare it.

We offer you a fruity variation of the mythical gin & tonic by adding a quarter of a roasted peach. Beyond the pleasure of decoration, the scent of your cocktail will be enhanced by this fruity and deliciously roasted touch.

Do not hesitate to explore different garnishes to upgrade your Gin & Tonic: depending on your current inspirations, the season, a slice of lemon or a few peppercorns will perfectly enhance your cocktail.

Ingrédients for the Gin & Tonic cocktail

  • 50 ml of Melifera
  • 120ml of Tonic
  • Ice cubes (don’t hesitate to be generous)

Garnish :
 1/4 roasted peach + lemon thyme

How to make

  • Fill a Highball glass with ice cubes
  • Pour 50 ml of Gin Melifera
  • Extend with 120ml of your best tonic
  • Decorate with a quarter of a roasted peach (you can roast it in the oven or with a blowtorch, sprinkling it with brown sugar beforehand) and a sprig of lemon thyme


Your gin & tonic is ready to be tasted!


The surprising story of Gin&Tonic

The tale of this cocktail is quite a surprising one: did you know that originally, Gin & Tonic was not only a cocktail, but also a medicinal drink?

Indeed, it was created in the middle of the 18th century, to reduce the bitterness of tonic water. In tropical regions, where diseases were common, tonic water, a decoction made from cinchona bark, became a drink appealing for its antimalaria properties. In the English colonies, what could sound more natural than adding Gin whose green notes obtained from juniper come to sooth the bitterness of tonic water and quinine?

Today, it is this cocktail recipe we use to spice up our evenings.

Our advice for a perfect Gin & Tonic

If there’s one important tip to remember for a perfect Gin & Tonic cocktail, it’s obviously to choose the best Gin, but we think you got that.

The second take home message for a successful cocktail is to be very demanding when choosing your tonic. Alone or with a garnish, for a Gin & Tonic to be perfect, your tonic should ideally not be too sweet and have a rather neutral fragrance to let Melifera’s subtlety express itself.

We have put together all our tips to choose your tonic to create the perfect ginto in our blog.

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