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Our three Gin-based recipes to spice up your summer

Finally, time to enjoy summer! Whether you go to the sea, to the countryside, or to the mountains, whether you spend time alone, or with friends, summer is here. For summer, we’ve enjoyed reinventing the aperitif by trying out new mixtures. Looking for gin-based cocktail ideas? Melifera shares three cocktail recipes to spice up your summer and introduce you to new sensations

For Melifera, summer rhymes with strolls along the water and delicious shared moments. It is also a time where the immortelle flower is harvested, where you share laughs and drinks with friends and want to surprise your taste buds with region specific aromas.

Our favourite, a Corsican signature cocktail

The story of this cocktail; is the story of an encounter between a secret place in Bonifacio called the Hotel Version Maquis and its chef barman, Arthur Hudin a true magician. Arthur lets his creativity roam freely to create a novel cocktail, absolute gem. Its Barona goes perfectly the floral and warm notes of the Melifera gin with the aromatic, fragrant side of the barona, and the endemic Corsican thyme. The acidity balances out this intriguing and fresh aromatic cocktail. It is an invitation to travel, to the legendary island of Corsica that we and Arthur share on @frisky_cocktails. First step is to prepare your syrup. In a saucepan, heat over 500ml of hot water, 500g of sugar, 100g of barona thyme and 5g of citric acid on low heat for the. For the thyme, remember to take of the branches that will add bitterness to your mixture and keep the leaves. For those of you who are not lucky enough to be in Corsica at the moment, you can use regular thyme to replace barona. Filter then set aside in the refrigerator. In a shaker full of ice, pour 5cl of Melifera, 2.5cl of barona syrup. Shake, strain and serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Arthur’s little tip is to put the glass in the freezer beforehand. You drink is ready, close your eyes and enjoy. Can you smell the Corsican maquis?

Cocktail Gin tonic pêche ©Melifera
Cocktail Gin tonic pêche ©Melifera

A sun-gorged recipe

Peach, the idea summer fruit is our guest of honour to sublimate our Gin & Tonic, this mythical cocktail for gin amateurs. Not much is required for this recipe. In a highball glass, fill with ice, pour 50 ml of Melifera gin and add 120ml of your best tonic. Follow up by roasting a quarter slice of peach in your oven or with a blowtorch, lightly coating it with brown sugar beforehand. Decorate your glass with this slice of peach and a spring of lemon thyme. We promise you you’ll love this cocktail as much as us.

Cocktail Bloody Mary à la plage ©Melifera
Cocktail Bloody Mary à la plage ©Melifera

A spicy “after the beach cocktail”

After letting yourself indulge in the sweetness of fruits, allow yourself to be surprised by the spicy twist of our Bloody Mary on the Beach. This is a revisited cocktail by Melifera, where we prefer green tomatoes from red ones, and gin to vodka. Are you ready for this experience? Ice a highball glass with crushed ice. Pour 50ml of Melifera in a shaker, 80ml of green tomato juice, 15ml of lemon juice, spices (celery salt, salt and pepper) and add some drops of Tabasco. Shake energetically during a couple of minutes and transfer your mixture in the iced glass. As a garnish, you can choose between: olives, basil, pepper or even a celery branch.

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