Our immortelle plants


In order to participate in the sustainable development of the island and to promote its producers, we are committed to planting, as we have done for several years, our own vines of immortelle in the North of Oleron.

As the immortal grows naturally in the hollow of the dunes, it is protected, and wild picking is prohibited.

Planting our immortelle flowers and collecting them by hand is our way of celebrating timelessness. Timelessness of a magical place, the immortelle flower and its distinct scent.

Protecting the black bee

Apis Mellifera Mellifera

At Melifera, we are committed to preserving biodiversity. In line with the symbol of life that is the immortelle, our local commitment contributes to the preservation of the black bee in the north of the island.

We support the Black Bee Conservatory in Oleron and donate part of our income to fund genetic tests.

More resistant than hybrids, it is however only when identified that these black bees can be protected.

Through a respectful and reasoned cultivation, flowers and bees participate in the cycle of life.

Melifera also pays tribute to these precious workers

The Jardin Melifera


The entirety of Melifera’s dream is encapsulated in the Melifera Garden, the land we cultivate in the North of Oleron, where it all began.

Serving as both a production space for our botanicals and an interactive space with our local partners, the Melifera Garden embodies the best of our aspirations.

These aspirations include respecting biodiversity, caring for nature, prioritizing local supply chains, and providing fresh botanicals to create a subtle and balanced Gin.

In the garden, immortelle flowers coexist with other botanicals that find their way into Melifera’s distillation process.

All these plants are cultivated for their purpose, their melliferous power, or their significance in agroecological land management, for our pollinators delight.

The Melifera garden


If you think like us


If you share the belief that highlighting local producers makes sense, that product traceability is important, and that preserving the ecosystem is essential: