An organic Gin, conveyor of emotions

Envision an ethereal, windswept island, wild yet gentle. Let yourself be carried away by the heat of the dunes, the mist of the Atlantic island and the beauty of its golden soils. It is on this island Melifera thrives.

She invites you to imagine, to dream and takes you someplace else to guide you, step by step, to the heart of your emotions.

This place, Melifera commits to preserving and respecting it

An island, a flower, a legend

The genesis

Melifera was born on an Atlantic Island. A fortress island, out of time, battered by the winds. Inspired by these elements, cradled by a raw and protective nature, she is the guardian of a treasure: the immortelle flower.

This flower that grows in the dunes was the leading inspiration for our gin. Symbol of a life cycle that is both fragile and durable, strong and delicate, it witnessed the most inspiring narratives.

She adorned the crowns of princesses and sealed unions long ago.

Melifera takes us on a quest for sense and scents, from planting to tasting. Handcrafted, respecting and enhancing its ecosystem, this premium gin demonstrates a marked commitment to nature.

An organic gin with immortelle flower

To discover and taste

Our artisanal and organic French gin tells the tale of a passion for a flower that perfumed the dunes of our childhood: the Immortelle. Its floral nose and the subtle balance of nine botanicals instantly reminds us of our fondest memories.

It is distilled locally in a distillery with ancestral know-how. Certified Ecocert, it is the only organic gin to use the immortelle flower, harvested by hand from plants sown on the island of Oleron. As local roots and respect for our ecosystem is crucial to us, Melifera is a brand committed to preserving biodiversity.

Melifera’s new creation

Melifera Edizione Corsa

From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, allow yourself to be guided by the immortelle scent to discover a new island.

In this limited edition, Melifera takes you on a new journey, far from the dunes of Oleron, to rediscover a walk among the maquis, lined with sun-dried immortelle flowers.

A discovery of new horizons, new scents and new botanical associations to sublimate the immortelle

Melifera, a French and commited organic spirit

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Organic Gin

French Gin
Artisanal Gin
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Satisfied customers

Appreciated flavor and services

A great gin

A great Gin which gives a floral taste to Gin Tonic and which also goes very well in a Negroni !

Patrick P.

Reconcilied with gin

Finally tasted ! It reconciled me with Gin ! Very good and very subtle taste.

Cédric D.

Fast and effective

I received my package at my door in less than 48 hours, thank you for your efficiency, I can’t wait to taste !

Thomas P.

The Unanimous Press

whho salutes our subtlety

In the current Gins for the JDD, « pretty bouquet of wild flowers from the ocean (…) supporting a light but controlled taste palette ».

The JDD, October 25, 2020.

« Within a very fashionable category of spirits, Christophe and Cecile Amigorena stand out with Melifera, a local organic and sustainable gin… »

Le Figaro, September 3, 2021.

« Search for finesse (…) precise, complex and frank flavors. Melifera reflects the spirit of the island of Oleron, where the immortal is queen. »

M le magazine du Monde, February 7, 2021.

How to taste Melifera

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Gin Tonic


A brand with strong commitments

Our approach

We offer an eco and socially responsible consumption with a community concerned in doing the right thing.

This is our way of celebrating timelessness. Timelessness of a magical place, the immortelle flower and its distinct sent.

From planting our own immortelle vines in Oleron, to protecting the black bee (Apis mellifera mellifera), we are committed to respecting biodiversity.