Negroni is one of the most renown and popular cocktails made with gin. It was created in the beginning of the 20th century in Italy. Here we mix the bitterness of Campari, the aromas of gin and the sweetness of vermouth making Negroni a comforting cocktail full of flavors.

The Negroni recipe that we suggest is an exclusive recipe. Lucie Noppe from the COMBAT bar in Belleville gave us this gift for which we are so grateful.

Ingrédients for the Negroni cocktail

  • 30ml Melifera gin
  • 25ml red vermouth
  • 20ml Campari
  • 1 barspoon of milky oolong tea tincture
Garnish: Eucalyptus leaf

How to make

  • Put the ice cubes in a glass. Add 30 ml of Gin Melifera, 25 ml of red vermouth and 20 ml of Campari
  • Gently drop the milky oolong tincture spoon bar (optional but so good)
  • Shake vigorously with a mixing spoon to homogenize your mixture
  • Add the orange bitters

Serve and enjoy your Negroni cocktai


Our little anecdote

The Negroni was created in Italy (Florence) in 1919 and more precisely at the “Casoni” café. This cafe was a popular place where the Florentine nobility used to meet and where Count Camillo Negroni used to drink his Americano.

One day, the latter proposed to modify the recipe for his Americano by replacing the sparkling water in his cocktail with Gin he had brought back from England. The cocktail knew an immediate success and the bartender Fosoc Scarelli decided to name “Negroni” in honor of its creator.

Our advice for a perfect Negroni

As precised in the recipe, we strongly encourage you to add a few drops of a milky oolong tea tincture. This oxidized tea will bring a slight milky touch that goes perfectly with Melifera Gin. A tincture is a very concentrated maceration in neutral alcohol (brandy or vodka). It is prepared several days in advance. Adding a few drops of this tincture is completely optional, but it’s a real nice surprise that enhances the flavors of our Melifera and will only make your cocktail better.

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